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my favorite thinspo!!

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i binged. badly.
3,450 calories. i want to DIEE!!
severe restricting tomorrow. or fasting.
i was doing okay then stupid fucking binge!
i hate food! i wish it would GO AWAY!!
i need to lose this weight.
im going to lose his weight.
i WILL lose this weight.
i will not FAIL again!


friday is not my weekend yet! BOOO!!
i have freakin saturday school!
urgh! when am i gong to sleep in?
during lunch today im debating sitting in the bathroom
because i dont want to be tempted to eat anything other than my life water.
but i only have 50 cents left in my account.
and i HATE the comments i get from others?
(fatty talking) wheres your lunch? thats not a lunch. your going to eat.
seriously? make me. im not hungry. or i dont feel like getting up.
why cant otheras mind their own buisness.
its MY fat ass that doesnt want to eat not theirs!

different topic. i am OFFICALLY UNDER 118 pounds!!!
i weighed 117.8 this morning.
this makes me happy, even though it doesnt make sense cuz i binged (2,050 cals)
i tell you guys what i do when i get home from school!

love u all! xoxo


i am so scared in the house by myself.
i am so scared to go downstairs because im scared someone is down there.
i need to exercise sooo badly!!
you girls have any tips to stop bingeing!? i would REALLLLy appreciate any and all! :)
i feel like i dont have many people who like me on this community becuase i rarely have ANY comments on any of my posts. :(
it kind of hurts my feelings because i try to support all of you and i feel like i should get a bit of support back.
GOSH now i feel selfish saying that.
anywhoooo, sorry for the rambaling.
im ordering 3 ana books on amazon.
i hope their really good!
i find it inspiring to read others ana stories!!

see you all tommorow!

Oy vay!!

 I feel like such a fat fucking failure!!
does anybody have an e-mail adress that needs a buddy?
i could sure use a buddy.
its like a proven fact you lose weight faster and more efficantly with a buddy.
yester day was bingeeeeeee!! :(((((((((((( 2,200 cals. FATASS!!!
i did some dancing for like 20 minutes though. maybe burned 100 cals?
i made a new thinspo book! it is so much better (nicer) than my other one!!
i lost the weight i gained from yesterday.
OH CRAB!!! i need to do my stats!!

Height: 5'1
CW:119 pounds(approx.)
HW: 121 pounds
LW:80 pounds
GW: 100 pounds
2GW: 95 pounds
UGW: 85-90 pounds

Right now my biggest decision is what diet to start! got any suggestions?
Luv you all! xoxo
stay strong , think thin

tuesday. TAKS day. ugh!

well from last night i lost .6 of a pound!! woo!
today is taks day. i do NOT want to do it. even though im pretty good at reading.
today will be well. for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 1 snack i packed th master cleanse lemonade!
its not dangerous to drink a few lemon seeds is it?
im going to bring my insperation book to read when im done!
i also have quite a bad cough.
sorry for being so random. im like that.
wellllll i have 28.5 pounds left to lose.
im 5'1. that would be a BMI of 17 on the nose!!
good luck girlies
stay strong and think thin!!! <3

p.s i added a ton of friends last night and i was wondering if there is like a page that all the friends i added are on so i can read thier journals and comment??

Im a fat cow!!

why cant i stop bingeing!? im starting the master cleanse tommorow!!
ive had 1,350 cals today! omg, fatty!
i will be 90 pounds! i will!
my favorite thinspo!!
stay strong, think thin!! xx



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